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Paul Ransome Photographer & Visual Artist Website

About Me: Passionate and dedicated photographer with a flair for crafting exceptional imagery for a wide range of professional and personal photographic projects. Experienced in various formats, from classic 35mm film to large format and cutting-edge digital techniques. I offer flexible engagement options, including both short-term and long-term projects, as well as international assignments. Your photography visions are important to me, and I'm excited to discuss how we can bring them to life.


  • Art Direction: Expertise in providing creative direction for photoshoots, ensuring the vision is translated into stunning visuals.

  • Photography Services: Proficient in both primary and second photographer roles, capturing moments from various angles and perspectives.

  • Lighting Setup: Skilled in setting up and manipulating lighting to achieve the desired mood and ambience.

  • File Manipulation: Knowledgeable in post-processing techniques, offering precise file manipulation to enhance the final images.

  • High-End Retouching: Specialized in meticulous and high-quality retouching, ensuring the images meet the highest standards.

  • Equipment Expertise: Equipped with cutting-edge gear and comprehensive knowledge to ensure every project is executed seamlessly.

Commissions Undertaken:

  • Studio Work: Creating captivating studio setups for a diverse range of subjects, from products to portraits.

  • Agency Projects: Collaborating with agencies to produce captivating visuals that align with their creative goals.

  • Personal Projects: Bringing unique artistic visions to life through personal projects that push the boundaries of creativity.

  • High-End Retouching: Enhancing images to perfection through sophisticated retouching techniques.

  • Equipment Hire: Providing access to top-tier photography equipment for projects requiring specialized gear.

  • Art Direction: Guiding the creative direction of photoshoots to achieve the desired aesthetic and message.

  • Weddings: Capturing the most cherished moments of weddings with a keen eye for detail and emotion.

Locations Covered: Available for assignments in local, countrywide, and international settings, adapting to various environments and cultures to produce captivating imagery.

Contact: For inquiries regarding Commercial and Media Projects or Photography Sales & Reproduction, please reach out via the contact page

Whether it's a creative studio session, an agency project, a personal endeavour, or a wedding day full of emotion, I am committed to delivering exceptional imagery that tells your unique story. Let's connect and discuss how I can contribute to your photography projects and bring your vision to life.

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